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The benefits of lavender

Have you ever struggled with insomnia or generally relaxing after a busy day? Lavender is a great antidote to this and has been used since ancient times to aid sleep and general well-being, as well as even helping to treat depression and anxiety. Burning our French Lavender products is a great way to bring some calming vibes into your home.

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Melt pools

"Each time you light a soy candle it's really important to burn it long enough for the melt pool to be fully formed, otherwise you will permanently end up with wasted wax around the edges of the container"

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Choosing your fragrance

"The downside of online is that if you want to buy a product based on its taste or smell, it's impossible to know for sure if you'll actually like it until it physically arrives. We have therefore decided to provide you with a guide to the Isadora fragrances, to try and make it easier when choosing your homeware products from us."

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