Cotton or wood wick?


It's only recently that the option of buying a candle with a wooden wick rather than the standard cotton wick has become more popular. Both create beautiful candles, but which one is best for you? Here at Isadora our candles are available in both options, but we thought this little guide would be helpful for you if you are unsure about which one to buy.

Cotton wicks:

Here at Isadora we use 100% natural cotton wicks, as opposed to the traditional ones with zinc core wicks. The fibre core is specially treated so it completely consumes the wick, rather than leaving anything behind. The wick also stays straight during the burn, meaning that the flame can heat the candle surface more evenly, as well as generally looking more aesthetically pleasing. Also, thanks so the natural soy wax we use in our candles, there is minimal smoking when the wick is lit.

But what about burn time? Throughout our candle testing we have found that the cotton wicks consistently burn slower than the wooden wicks. In short, this means that our candles made with cotton wicks have a longer burn time as it takes more time for them to achieve a full melt pool, and therefore they last longer. Assuming the candle has been wicked correctly, then the flame will also tend to burn fairly evenly, rather than bouncing around.

They are also often easier to re-light than wooden wicks. You may find that the second or third time you burn a wooden wick candle, it takes more time than the first time for the wick to ignite. This however won't be a problem if you are burning cotton wicks.

So to summarise the cotton wicks - they are all natural, burn slower than wooden wicks, and are easier to light. So why buy a wooden one?

Wooden wicks

Once again, just like our cotton wicks, the wooden wicks are all-natural. We use double wicks, which are made from a standard maple wood wick and a booster wick. This enables them to be lit more easily and provides a stronger flame that is less likely to be blown out accidentally.

So what's so special about the wooden ones? Well, if you love a log fire in winter then you're bound to love our wooden wicks. Quite simply, they crackle as they burn! If you haven't burnt one before then we would definitely recommend trying it as the crackle creates a lovely calming, subtle background noise. The wooden wicks also certainly bring a unique element of the candle burning experience that not many vendors are providing yet, so you'll be early to the party if you do opt for wood!

The main attraction of wooden wicks is that they will make a statement wherever they go; though they might burn faster than cotton wicks, they make up for this by providing a greater scent throw than cotton wicks do. We have consistently found this in our wick and candle testing, and with scented candles this is especially important.

In summary then, if you want a candle that will make a unique statement, provide a beautiful background crackle, and quickly provide the scent throw you are looking for, then wooden ones are your best bet. Of course it's all down to personal preference, and this is exactly the reason we make our candles with both types - so you can choose for yourself. However, in the next few years we are pretty certain that wooden wicks are likely to become much more the rage as more candle buyers gradually recognise the unique qualities separating them from the cotton wick market.

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