Flower diffusers - what's so special about them?


Since launching Isadora, we have wanted to try and separate ourselves from the mainstream homeware market, and so we have created unique products that you can enjoy and rest assured knowing that they are that little bit different.

Our flower diffusers are no exception to this rule. Right from the beginning we knew that we needed to provide you with a stand-out product that no-one else sold yet. This is the reason that instead of just using reeds in our diffusers, we also added paper flowers on strings.

Not only do these beautiful additions make your diffuser stand out in any room (and of course look pretty), they also ensure that the scent throw is greater and more evenly spread. These amazing paper flowers absorb the diffuser oil (just as the reeds do) and diffuse it further thanks to the many paper layers that open out just like flower petals, continuously throwing the scent out around the room. Couple that with the reeds and you've got a dream combination. Our reeds are also formulated to diffuse scents evenly, so no need to turn them like you normally might.

As the flowers absorb the fragrance oils they will get heavier, so we recommend that if you are using one of our larger flowers (such as the rose, large lily or carnation) then you use less reeds in the diffuser. This ensures that the scent does not become over-powering, and also that there is enough room on the diffuser cap for the flower to rest comfortably on it and not droop over the edge as it gets heavier.

Being kind to the environment as really important to us, so let's not forget that the flowers are all 100% natural and made from paper petals on a cotton string. If you want something that little bit different then we would definitely recommend trying one of our flower diffusers; they are perfect as gifts or as a treat for your home.

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