The benefits of lavender

Have you ever struggled with insomnia or generally relaxing after a busy day? Lavender is a great antidote to this and has been used since ancient times to aid sleep and general well-being, as well as even helping to treat depression and anxiety. It fact, apart from the fact that is smells utterly divine, the benefits lavender can bring is one of the main reasons we have always included lavender in our scent collections.

As a candle maker I have been continuously fascinated by the link between scent, memories and mood. Depending on the person, certain scents will produce specific feelings for us. When I burn lavender candles and wax melts for example, they evoke feelings for me of home, safety, and relaxation.

Burning our French Lavender products is a great way to bring some calming vibes into your home. With fresh, floral top notes, these then give way to hints of vanilla and eucalyptus - it's essentially just like walking through a field of lavender in August!

If you need flameless home fragrance then our reed diffusers are the perfect solution; be sure to place them in a high traffic area of your home to ensure the gorgeous lavender scent spreads more easily. Or consider placing your diffuser in your bedroom or bathroom, to aid in your evening relaxation routine.

If candles or wax melts are more your thing, then why not give our French Lavender candles or clamshells a go. I usually burn the candle whilst taking a bath or doing my skincare routine before bed; the gentle crackle of the wooden wick also helps me feel even more relaxed as it is reminiscent of a lovely log fire. For a more intense experience, try burning one of our candles and wax melts at the same time!

I hope you love our French Lavender products as much as I do, and happy shopping!

Lizzie xxx

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