Autumn scents


 Blueberry Muffin:

Top notes of blueberry, and lemon zest, followed by vanilla and freshly baked delights. Almost good enough to eat!

Scent throw: 3


Hot Apple Pie:

The familiar and well-loved fragrance associated with a home-made apple pie, exuding strong and prominent notes of apple, lemon, and whipped cream.

Scent throw: 2


Pumpkin Spice:

An autumnal classic. This gorgeous scent has top notes of pumpkin, peach and orange. It then evolves to include spicier notes of jasmine and clove, finishing with a dash of warming cinnamon. 

Scent throw: 2


Scent throw key:

1 = Subtle & delicate scent throw

2 = Medium scent throw

3 = Strong & persistent scent throw