Ethics & Sustainability


Here at Isadora we believe that we have a duty to run our business in both a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We are doing our bit so that future generations can still enjoy the earth in years to come.

Both the wax that we make our products with, as well as the fragrance oils we add to our products are suitable for vegans. This is really important because we want our products to be able to be used by as many people as possible.

All the fragrance oils we use are cruelty-free, which means they are never tested on animals. Again, this is central to our values because we want Isadora to be a business that spreads kindness. The fragrance oils we use are all free from phthalates, and the base oil we use in our reed diffusers is non-toxic.

The wax used in our products is a responsibly sourced vegan soy wax blend. The soy wax is sourced from suppliers that place sustainability at the heart of what they do. As well as this, the wax we use is supplied to us in recycled packaging, which we then either recycle or use again to package up our finished products.

All the packaging for our products (except for our wax clamshells) is plastic-free and derived from recycled materials where possible. Our wax clamshells are packaged in recycled plastic, which is also recyclable once you have finished using it. The wax melt bars are packaged in a recycled card (for the large snap bars) and biodegradable glassine pouches (for the smaller bars and samples).

The mailing boxes we use are made from recycled cardboard, which is also recyclable. When mailing our products to you, any fragile items are cushioned with packaging peanuts. These packaging peanuts are compostable and will easily dissolve in warm water; simply pour a few of the packaging peanuts at a time into your sink at home and run warm water over them. They should dissolve away in the water and not clog up your sink or drainage pipes.

Occasionally you may find that instead of using eco-peanuts to cushion the products you have bought, we have used bubble wrap or brown paper as padding. This is because we always try to re-use any packaging we have received from our suppliers, rather than throwing it away. We encourage you to reuse and recycle all of our packaging whenever you buy our products.

Last, but certainly not least, we donate 10% of our profits each month to a different charity. We believe that it's really important to give back, and we do it because it is not just something nice to do, but we believe that it is our duty. Isadora was founded with the aspiration of spreading kindness and happiness to others, and this is one of the main ways we do that. So far this year we have supported charities such as Mind, Save the Children, and Kings Heath Action for Refugees. We are always open to suggestions of which causes to support next, so please contact us if you any in mind.

If you have any questions about how we function as a kind and sustainable business, then please get in touch here.