Fruity scents

Amber & Clementine:

Velvet amber and incense are heightened with sweet clementine. Strong citrus notes give way to earthy and spicy undertones. if you want something not so sweet but still fruity.

Scent throw: 3


Blackberry & Bay: 

This gorgeous, fresh fragrance is reminiscent of English hedgerows in late summer. It features grapefruit, floral notes, vetiver, cedar, a burst of blackberry juice and bay leaf.

Scent throw: 1


Blueberry & Jasmine:

A floral bouquet of blueberry and violets, giving way to notes of patchouli and sweet vanilla. Summery & sweet.

Scent throw: 2


French Pear:

Sweet and fruity. Beginning with notes of green apple, white lily and osmanthus, which then give way to lighter undertones of midnight jasmine and nashi pear.

Scent throw: 3


Grapefruit Luxe:

The most gorgeous, strong, natural, fragrance. Juicy top notes of grapefruit and tangerine are followed by fragrant rosemary, mint, and jasmine.

Scent throw: 2


Wild Fig & Cassis:

An old classic with top notes of cassis, cherry & fig. Middle notes of hyacinth give way to amber and jasmine. Think of Mediterranean holidays and rich, earthy fruits.

Scent throw: 2


Scent throw key: 

1 = Subtle & delicate scent throw

2 = Medium scent throw

3 = Strong & persistent scent throw